Welcome to Ukraine


For today the Ukrainian legislation defines both visa, and the visa-free order of entrance to Ukraine for foreigners (foreign citizens and stateless persons). Entrance/departure of foreigners to/from Ukraine is regulated by the Law of Ukraine on the Legal Status of Foreigners from February, 4, 1994, the Entrance, Departure and Transit Regulations for Foreigners, (the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers from December, 29, 1995 #1074) and Rules of Visa Documents Registration For entrance to Ukraine (the decree of the Cabinet Of Ministers from February, 20, 1999 #227). Foreigners who enter/leave Ukraine must pass check points on frontier and present their national passport and the visa. The visas of all categories are issued by Ukrainian embassies and consulates abroad.

The grounds for the TOURIST VISA registration is OFFICIAL LETTER of INVITATION issued by Ukraine’s travel company, which confirm the tourist character of the trip.

SAM Travel Company is authorized by Foreign Ministry of Ukraine (reference # UA 060 TUR, 25th Dec 1997) to issue an Official Letter of Invitation to apply for Ukrainian tourist visa both for individual travelers and groups at the Embassies of Ukraine.

In order to issue an official letter of invitation we need following data: Passport details (full name, passport number, date of birth, nationality, dates of issue and expiry); Dates of entry and exit Ukraine; Places to visit in Ukraine.

Visa support is proving only in case of buying tourist package.

The rate for SINGLE ENTRY TOURIST VISA SUPPORT: Duration of visit:

  • 14 days – 50 USD
  • 21 days – 65 USD
  • 1 month – 80 USD


Letter of Invitation that provides our company is a document that confirms that a person will visit Ukraine as a tourist in definite period. According to rules this period must not exceed 1 month. This letter is not a 100 % guarantee that the Embassy will surely issue a visa for a person. At the same time it serves as recommendation for embassy and one of significant grounds to issue visa. On basis of this Letter a person can apply for only tourist visa, not private, not business. That means that a person is going to visit Ukraine as a tourist (not with any private or business purposes) and he should put in all required documents the tourism as a purpose of visit.